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Hey Glow seekers

I am so delighted to Welcome you to the Glow secret online store. Your one stop for all your beauty needs and wants.

Having battled with acne and overall bad skin, I was introduced to k-beauty while studying abroad and this instantly changed my skin as well as my life. Moving back home, I searched for k-beauty products in Nairobi, Kenya but nothing authentic or affordable was available, I then realised just how much we all needed authentic, good and affordable skincare, thus, the birth of Glow secret in November 2017. 

Glow secret started from selling sheet masks to my friends and family. Soon, I realised how everyone else kept asking “what's the secret to your glow ?” as people wanted it for themselves. We finally set up the first store and it has now become 2 stores. 

We are forever grateful to you and your continued support. For that, we want to continue making shopping easier for you hence establishing this online store as our Instagram account is becoming more tedious and extremely hard to handle.

Glow secret prides itself in not only selling but taking time to curate skin care regimen for all our clients hence, the “secret” attached to the company’s name.

We hope to continue growing with you all - Bigger, Better and hopefully the Best over all in the nearest future.