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Glow Secret I Testimonials

"Hey guys? I just wanted to say thank you!! I have been using your products for 3 months now and sebum production is normal now ,i don't have an oily face by 9am which was always worse by the late afternoon. The pores i had ,i don't feel like i have holes on my face anymore!!! My texture!! I am just in love with my face thanks to you guys! And another thing, the products are very long lasting! Not even halfway through!" - Anonymous


"Hi, I'm back with a 2 month review and one week review. The products have worked to smoothen my skin ,it's developed as healthy looking glow and my hyperpigmentation is slowly disappearing. I had a little bit of purging between weeks 2 and 6 after that my face improved drastically! Yesterday and today I've just been finding reasons to touch ,though i know i shouldn't!!" - Anonymous


"Ooooohh my heavens!!! My face! My face! My face! How many times did i call you? I love you face! Can you say thank you to Glow Secret for the miracle ,Thank you!! I thank you ,i bless the day i stumbled upon you Glow Secret!! Asante sana!! - Anonymous


"Thank you Glow Secret! I'd rate your your services 10/10 legit!! The place to get your skin care products." - Anonymous


"Three weeks of using your products. So far the breakouts are fewer, loving the texture and the glow is also everything. Thank you!! Now i am optimistic about my journey with you guys. I can't wait to unveil my new look!!" - Anonymous


"Yooooohhh!! My skin is gorgeous!! Thank you guys. You have a client for life. I am not yet where i wanna be but my skin is so smooth. I'm so happy. thank you for being legit!!" - Anonymous