SOS!! Read this before you bleach

Have you been struggling with dark marks and a dull complexion? Or maybe a sneaky sneaky thought came across your mind that you should try a skin bleaching procedure. It seems like it isn’t such a bad idea because that’s what will help your uneven skin tone… before you try, hear me out. Let me give you some safer alternatives that will improve your skin appearance and no be harmful to you in the long run.


1. Do you wear your sunscreen every day?

The best way to tackle uneven skin tone is to prevent it. You can do this by applying sunscreen. Since UV rays are the biggest cause of melasma and dark marks, using a sunscreen that is spf 50+is one of the primary ways to achieve this. It will also ensure that the dark marks are not getting darker. Dermatologists recommend applying a quarter a teaspoon every two hours and practicing sun safe habits, like according the 11.00 am to 2.00pm sun.


  1. Try ingredients that brighten

These are ingredients that regulate excessive melanin production which in turn leave the dark spots looking a lot brighter e.g. vitamin c, niacinamide and azelaic acid. They generally help to achieve a more even skin tone


  1. Incorporate exfoliation

Helping your skin to get rid of excessive dead skin cells can also help you achieve brightness and the coveted glow. Gentle acids may end up being a favorite here because they gently remove the dull outer layer exposing new brighter skin without causing damage.


Here are my top picks to get that healthy glow on your skin:

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