Getting the skin care basics right

You have probably taken a keen interest in skin care recently, or maybe it’s because you heard your favorite influencer talk about skin care and throw out some serious jargon. Any it sounds like too much; you have no idea where to begin. It can be intimidating, but it’s easier than it sounds. Trust  me, I was once right here where you are. Let’s break this down.



Cleansing is the most basic step. It serves to remove the dust, oils, smoke and dirt from our skin, in our day to day activities we interact with these elements of the environment. Since our environment isn’t the best, these elements have a negative impact on our skin, hence the need to remove them leaving us with fresh supple skin.


  1. Moisturise

Moisturizing is the second step. When we cleanse our face, the process unfortunately includes cleaning off some of our natural sebum because cleansers are not smart enough to differentiate bad dirt from the useful sebum. Sebum is the natural oils that our skin secretes to keep our skin supple and prevent bad bacteria from lodging into our pores by trapping the bacteria and dust on the surface of our skin. So to help our skin stay supple, we moisturize. Moisturizing is also helpful to prevent the oil producing glands from panicking (since ewe removed the oils) and over secreting oils that can clog our pores.


3.. Protect

Sun protection is the most important step in our skin routine. Interactions with the sun can cause collagen degradation, dark marks and even break down of our DNA that causes some types of skin cancers. Collagen is the protein that helps our skin to be elastic, and when it breaks down our skin becomes more prone to forming wrinkles and showing signs of aging. We all want to age gracefully right? Well, in that case “spf is your bff”.


Skin care isn't and shouldn't  be complicated. With just these three steps your skin care is set . If you have any other concerns you can begin to build it up from these three steps. What are your favorite products in your basic routine?

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