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JOJO For Me!!
  • Organic Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E and has a high penetrating capability to reduce moisture loss and make your skin shining and soft. As an ingredient is very similar to the sebum of the human body, it is excellent in curing weakened skin. 
  • • Helps restore skin barrier and control moisture loss
  •  Jojoba oil has a molecular structure similar to skin sebum tissue, which can replace weakened skin tissue. Also can be used by all skin types as is less likely to irritate skin.
  •  Helps improve sebum control function hence suitable for oily skin
  •  Remove wastes from pores and maintain dryness, bad dryness, and oil and moisture balance of troubled skin.
  • Jojoba is for everyone!!

How to use:

  •  After cleansing, apply 2-3 drops on damp face
  • Mix 2-3 drops into your moisturizer, toner, base make up or cleansing water
  •  Apply 2-3 drops on face at last step of skin care
  • Mist: combine 10 drops to 100ml ONE THING extract.

    Cleanser: Replace deep cleansing oil product to deep cleanse skin. Great to remove black and whiteheads

    Hair care: Apply couple drops on hair directly or combine oil with hair treatment product, shampoo and conditioner.


    organic jojoba oil

    Where is Glow secret located?

    We're based in Nairobi (2 stores located in Adlife Plaza and Jamia mall) and mombasa, but we ship throughout East Africa.

    Do you have physical stores?

    We have 3 retail store fronts:

    • 1st store is located In Town , Jamia mall, Tubman lane first floor, F100. (NAIROBI)
    • 2nd store is located in Adlife plaza, Mazanine floor, MZ15. (NAIROBI)
    • 3rd store is located in Nyali center, Shop B20, ground floor near naivas.

    Do you offer In-store pick up? and is it free?

    Yes we do and It is completely free of charge. Please make sure to choose your pick up location in the cart page during Check out in other to be eligible for in-store pick up. 

    Where do you get your products from?

    All our products are manufactured in Korea, Japan and Canada and shipped directly from Korea to Nairobi, Kenya. We work directly with many brands and directly source from them. We pride ourselves in being very authentic as the market is saturated with fake products.

    I'm new to skin care and k-beauty, how can I start?

    We have well trained skincare personnel that are ready to assist you. If you cannot come to our stores, You can kindly reach out to us via the glowsecret live chat on the bottom right of the screen, via the "Talk to our skin care experts" link in the Skin consult drop down in the main menu or via our social media. Drop us a dm/message on instagram, or any other portal mentioned above tell us your main skin issue, send us a picture of your bare skin. We would be glad to help!
    Note: this will never be shared without your consent and we will gladly give you the best. 

    Why K-beauty?

    We love K-beauty because of soo many reasons that we can’t all list below. K-beauty products really do work, THEY REALLY REALLY WORK PEOPLE as  it's being proven time and time again by several positive reviews from our clients and you definitely get your money’s worth. They are very affordable and as good if not better than all the hyped and mostly very expensive western skincare products out there today. They are mostly plant based and are more targeted to your specific skin issues.

    Are Korean cosmetics cruelty-free?

    The Korean National Assembly has passed a bill banning companies from testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals, effective from 2018. While this is incredible news, prior to this law taking effect there were very few K-beauty companies still testing on animals. You can rest assured that from 2018 all cosmetics produced in Korea will be cruelty-free.

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