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RiRe All Kill Refresh Body Scrub

RiRe All Kill Refresh Body Scrub


A naturally derived scrub that contains walnut shell extract – Gently removes dead skin cells with 100% Californian walnut shell scrub, making the skin feel soft and smooth by saturating the skin with moisture from the natural oils and plant-derived extracts

Body cleanser & scrub – Lower irritation foamy scrub & body wash all in one. Smoothly-spreading long-lasting refreshing fragrance – Perfume body scrub leaves a rich, pleasant fragrance that lingers on the skin for long hours.



How To Use

  • 1. Apply an appropriate amount on the wet skin and gently rub.
  • 2. While wetting the skin with water, gently massage the skin with the foam.
  • 3. After scrubbing, rinse off with water.

Size: 150g