You need to try these top K-Beauty sunscreens

In this post, we talked about sunscreens and why spf should be your bff.  We are on the same page when it comes to wearing spf and reapplying it too. I am sure you are wondering which sunscreen to try or if you are a little bit too excited about sunscreen like me, which other sunscreen to try. Here are some of our favorite picks that you should get your hands on ASAP!

  1. Apieau Sun Block sf 45

Apart from the fact that it’s a cult favorite in our community, it is also a super light formula. Its amazing for everyday use and has no eye sting whatsoever. You know that feeling in your eyes after you just apply sunscreen? Yes, that’s not a thing with this sunscreen at all. The best and fundamental thing is also the fact that it has absolutely no white cast. It sure is a winner in our books.


  1. Isntree hyaluronic acid sun stick

This has been an absolute favorite ever since we managed to get hold of it for so many reasons. Not only is it a hands free formula, you literally yank the stick to your face, but it’s also a hydrating formula too.  It is enriched with up to 8 types of hyaluronic acid. This stick is particularly amazing for reapplication during the day. It has no white cast whatsoever and also does not sting the eyes at all. The catch is they get sold out so fast, you need to place your order now.


  1. Rovectin Mineral sunscreen

The dreaded thing about mineral sunscreens is usually the white cast that they tend to leave upon application. While protecting our skin is great, looking like a ghost definitely isn’t. This sunscreen will definitely give you all the protection mineral sunscreens give without the cast. The formula is also really light weight and applies really well.


You can find these sunscreens on and even better, they are currently on sale so make sure to grab yours.

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